I made a thing! The Beaverito poster

One of my bestest friends is moving to Illinois with her brand new baby, and somewhat new husband.  It’s a big scary change to start a new life, and she had mentioned she’d wanted friends to contribute some art work to be put in the walls of young Cedar’s nursery.

Bonus points for anything Canadian.
– Steph

And so I did a rough doodle and came up with this. It was printed to an 18″ x 24″ poster, and she LOVED it! I was so relieved. The only difference is in the version I gave her, the purple flags were replaced with scrapbook paper and it spelled out CEDAR. I hope he likes it too, once he’s old enough to see colours and shapes. 🙂

Beaverito is at home in both the city and the wilderness.

I made in Illustrator CC.  I’m really proud of how the beaver turned out and s/he may be involved in some more adventures in the future!  If you ore someone you know would love their own Beaverito poster for a nursery, office, dorm, or any reason – let me know!


I want to write.

I was supposed to be watching this concert with HIM. We would have been together, maybe at our home – too lazy to go out. Why would we want to leave to a bar where we would have to pay when we had all the luxuries right there in our home. A comfy couch, a plasma tv, super fast internet. We’d cuddle on the comfy couch. We’d sit and glow together. More likely what would have happened was I would watch it on the couch and he’d be in the other room, playing games. He’d come in occasionally, but for the most part, we wouldn’t be together. I’d think this was good enough. Maybe it once was. But now it isn’t. It isn’t anything. It’s all gone and instead I watched the moment at a bar with a new friend I met from a dating site. A virtual stranger, but a nice person. It was him, his friend and 100 or so strangers, and in a way that was kind of fitting. I wasn’t at a cottage, I wasn’t with that close circle of friends or HIM, and this is my life.

My love of the Hip existed before HIM, but shared by him, and perhaps made stronger by his guitar playing and singing of their songs. But it’s mine again, now. My own. My love of the songs will continue after HIM and won’t always make me choke up and cry, at least not for the same reasons.

He said “Have a nice life”, as he left the stage. And like the other millions of people watching that night, I will.

Yup I’m doing it. #courage #thetragicallyhip #onenationundergord #ingordwetrust

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Emoji Cookies

Emoji Cookies

I baked some sweet emoji cookies for work! We were having a fundraising effort, so I baked 6 different types of cookies to order. It was a fun, if not insanely time consuming project. I realize I love the decorating part, but don’t care for the part where I have to make the icing, and the cookies, and of course the clean up. If I could just walk in, decorate, and leave – that’d be ideal. heh.

Vanila sugar cookies with royal icing.