Finally arrived in Jasper. 13 hours late 😰 - day 3????

Somewhere among the trees and lakes of beautiful northern Ontario our train was stalled. Well, not stalled, but stopped fully to let freight trains go by. CP owns the rail via travels on so the freight has right of way. I don't know when the 7 hour delay turned into 13, but it did. It's fine when you are on the train because you continue to be on the train. You are fed. You sleep in your cozy bunk. Eventually you get annoyed every time the train stops beacause it turns from a thrilling vintage style adventure to a really shitty small hotel surrounded by box cars. Also you lose the ability to sleep on solid ground. You are train folk now and motion is the only constant you can recognize.

When you are finally allowed off the train, after you called the car rental place to let them know you won't be picking up the car until the following morning, and after you've used some hotel app to book a place to stay for the night - you feel a mix of joy and sadness and fear. Also annoyance, since you've been awoken from a nap. And frustration because the god damn luggage car is at the front and therefore takes approximately 30 thousand years to unload. AREERGGGHHH. This is supposed to be the the more humane way to travel! Waaaahy. Oh wait.  What's this! Deb, in the washroom of wee Jasper station. She gets me. 


deb in the bathroom gets how I feel.